Not so graceful

Mugabe attended the G77 Summit in Bolivia last week. Absent from the large entourage was the first lady whose love for trips abroad is well documented. One wonders why the woman who sulked over the EU’s refusal to allow her entry into Belgium has suddenly turned down the opportunity to add another stamp in her passport.


Perhaps Grace Googled Bolivia, found no glitzy shopping malls in the South American country and decided she would give it a miss. Presidential spokesman, George Charamba is on record for saying Grace travels with her (fit-as-a-fiddle) husband because she is his caregiver. Which gives rise to the question: with Grace at home, who then is doing for Mugabe whatever it is that caregivers do?

While Mugabe was in Bolivia the first lady kept herself busy by encouraging Zimbabwean men to make use of prostitutes. “Is it not Baba (President Mugabe) has told you that if you are starved of sex, you must look for prostitutes” she said.

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