The seemingly reluctance by police to arrest Zanu (PF) youths who destroyed and set on fire property... has set tongues wagging among citizens.

Property ipikovo idzo mbiya dzeR5 here. Mushonga yavo yakakanganiswa ndiyo yavangatochema. – Pau Gunnie

Pau Gunnie
Pau Gunnie

The law should look at all sides equally without fear or favour. Lets not judge people on the basis of prejudice. – Gain Sibanda

What ever the case I hate Zimbabwe police, in my own pyshcological perspective the Zim Police are just like ‘’mahwindi’’………vakangofanana nemahwindi. Like in 2008 they were working together with Zanu (PF) youth thugs to brutalise people. I was very happy about what madzibaba did. – Kurauwone Chinyama

Kula baba , shona or ndebele singabantu sonke funda from mzansi. – Stanelas Dube

Double standards in our police force have always been so blatant. We see them everyday, everywhere, but our pleas as citizens go unheard… Its sad. – Chichie Ntandoyenkosi Sibanda

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