Public rant

In a televised tour of Hwahwa Prison, where he served time as a political detainee, Mugabe once revealed that he was rubbish at table tennis – one of few activities available to inmates. He bragged that he excelled in the cerebral games – chess and nine holes, known locally as tsoro. While his peers sweated over table tennis he, like an incarcerated Lex Luthor, schemed on a board game.

Normally Mugabe keeps his cards close to his chest, preferring to silently neutralise dissenters. The fact that he resorted to a public rant indicates that he is unable to fire Moyo who, by virtue of his position, is privy to the most sensitive party secrets. In the days subsequent to Mugabe’s tirade, as if nothing had happened, Moyo was seen touring the business premises of BAT.

What is strange though is that, lately, it is the information minister who has conducted industrial inspections, rather than the minister responsible for commerce.

While some observers believe this means that Moyo has presidential aspirations, another explanation is that government, through the information ministry, is attempting to advertise the country as a safe investment zone.

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