The other woman

Speaking against sexual abuse, Grace also said rapists should be ‘sent to the gallows.’

For several years Grace was ‘the other woman,’ biding her time as Sally’s life slowly came to an end. Infidelity is not new to her. She would encourage extra-marital shenanigans would she not?

The statistics for HIV are terrifying – globally, 64% of people with HIV live in Sub Saharan Africa; 59% of adults with HIV in Sub Saharan Africa are women. What brings a tear to the eye is that, globally, 90% of children with HIV are in Sub Saharan Africa. In Zimbabwe 1 in 4 people have HIV. A third of people with HIV are in Southern Africa. It seems the Sadc region is the epicentre of HIV.

Grace Mugabe’s call for men to use sex workers promotes the spread of the very scourge that Zimbabwe and the world seeks to eradicate. Prostitution is an offence. It makes no sense to fight the heinous crime of rape by promoting another offence. The first lady’s remarks are tactless and irresponsible.

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