Vigil plans to un-mask Zanu (PF) members in UK

As the EU embraces Zanu (PF), the party’s supporters in the UK are coming out in force and parading their allegiance to the Mugabe regime.

Nehanda Radio displayed photos on its website taken at the launch of a new branch of Zanu (PF) in Bracknell, near London, recently. These photos are on our flickr website and we ask people to let us know if they can identify anybody in them by emailing [email protected]

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Having been around for 12 years, the Vigil has a considerable database. We would like to check if any of these Zanu (PF) supporters have come to the Vigil. If they have misrepresented themselves as human rights activists to get our support for permission to stay in the UK we would like to expose them to the Home Office.

The Vigil has already asked for a meeting with the Home Secretary, Theresa May, or her representative to discuss the asylum issue. We would be happy to expose bogus claims and see these frauds sent back home to enjoy the paradise that their party has created.

SW Radio Africa reported that: “A snapshot of the list of attendees included prominent names such as Mliswa, Chidarikire, Chikowore, Vambe, Mangwana, Mararike, among others.”

Ephraim Tapa of the Vigil said: “We have always known that there are regime agents among us. Until recently they have been working clandestinely, feeding the regime with information and also infiltrating organisations such as the ZimVigil to cause confusion and disunity. I find their audacity to launch branches across the UK surprising, given their leader’s terrible human rights record. This is disrespectful to victims of Mugabe’s brutality and it will cause anxiety as people realise that all along they had Zanu (PF) agents in their midst.”

MDC spokesman Nhlanhla Dube said it was well-known that Zanu (PF) officials sent their families abroad when conditions began to deteriorate in the country. “After plundering and destroying all sectors, including education, they sent their children and families to western countries to protect them from the consequences of their bad governance. Some of these sought asylum when in fact their parents and families were the perpetrators of the violence. We find it ironical that these would choose to declare their allegiance to the regime in the comfort of western democracies,” he said.

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