Voters’ Roll Watch

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) has still not made the voters’ roll public, despite the constitutional right of all Zimbabweans to have access to it. It continues to insist that its computers are down and unable to retrieve the electronic roll.


Since before July 2013 elections, The Zimbabwean together with countless individuals and civil society organisations has made numerous attempts to get the roll released by ZEC. Last week this newspaper asked ZEC officials what kind of computers they were using and why it was taking so long to fix them, but the secretariat referred all questions to the chairperson Rita Makarau, whose phone rang continuously without being picked up.

Justice Mavedzenge, a lawyer, made a High Court application two weeks ago to force the Commission to publicise the roll, which is believed to be fraught with irregularities. The Commission had up to June 3, to respond to the application, failing which the lawyer would be granted a default judgement. However, by the time of going to print, ZEC had still not responded and the High Court was still to make its ruling.

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