What do you think happened to the $3 million given by donors and well-wishers to the flood victims?

These 'NGOs'could ve worked hand n hand with goverment, gvment provide land,nd NGOs chip n wth their 3mlion, then gvnt source the remainder.surely 3mlion could ve gone a longway.Mbavha!! Batai mbavha. - Thomas Masasa

Theophelous Hlatshwayo
Theophelous Hlatshwayo

What did you expect from a basket case which found itself flooded with goodies which are not subject to audit.The usual thing "LOOTED" ZANU CHIORORO. – Moyo Bhowasi

3mil??? definately money was stolen – Blaz John

lets learn to help one another and also to share – Theophelous Hlatshwayo

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