Zanu is still Zanu. Corruption, murder, intimidation, police brutality, roadblocks everywhere will remain, as long as old types from Zanu PF remain in power. To answer your question: neither! Jerà Afrika

President Robert Gabrial Mugabe For ever and ever!!!..! - Pascal Chihuri

Huggla Caprice
Huggla Caprice

I used to admire Mujuru until she messed up by attacking corruption exposures publicly. Tsvangirai is the right person for the job. – Joel Mutasa

None of the two – Tendayi Muchineripi

anyone but Morgan Tsvangirai – Huggla Caprice

independent media's choice of who should govern Zimbabwe after Mugabe. – Huggla Caprice

Mnangagwa is the best – Artwell Serudzai Mudzingwa

Since Mugabe ruled both of them out of race, he better appoints someone like Morgan Tsvangirai who has unquestionable capabilities to run this grt country. – Joel Mutasa

Mujuru – @Takie67

None of these… – @sjabulisodube

What do they come with which they haven't presented so far? *Don't answer * – @MariaZest1

None of the above – @gidi_gabriel

Morgan Tsvangirai, Simba Makoni or me – @gidi_gabriel

Mujuru sounds better. – @lykmoor

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