Aunty Lisa: How would you advise Mama G to deal with her rude teenager?

The problem with mama is /will be the same problem with young mothers of today. What she must do now is to BRING A FIRM GRIP to her baby boy. That's how you spell LOVE. If mama G sees a snake coming to her 14 year old definetely she pulls him firmly to save him. If she waits for him to tell her then she'll lose her.

Young parents think if they exercise TOUGH GRIP they think its abuse; NO. Check how you were raised and where you are now, it seemed STRICT but it paid off. Why not pass it to your kids the way your parents did it to you; coz they also received it from their parents. SO, why break the trend. Young parents this advice is for FREE: PASS IT ON. It works. Polish it with prayer. – Hilda Chinyowa

thats natural, ts that adolescence stage in his lyf. Its also possible that u spared the rod at the tym u were supposed to be using it more. TAKE CHARGE AS A PARENT DONT LET THIS STAGE OF HIS LYF RUIN YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR SON. – Prosper Provo Mkhombo

You as the parent knows what is wrong or right .be in control always. – William Chitemerere

The teenagers behave the same bt at this transfomation stage u shud tke serous care coz its wen teens get lost. once tis stage s ova n +ve drection its ok. dnt lose hope control hm or invte a male relative or teacher – Frederick Moyo

Mothers want to be this POSSESSIVE.he is growing and this is the time he wants to show he is grown up.control him at a distance. – Anzou Chii


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