Baba Jukwa investigators worried by non-cooperation

Some people who the police Law and Order team investigating the Baba Jukwa case have called to give evidence are not forthcoming with information needed for prosecution, it has emerged.

Official media have quoted the police urging the individuals asked to give statements to cooperate with them.

“Police have urged officials being called in to assist with investigations in the Baba Jukwa saga to fully co-operate with them after it emerged that some were not forthcoming,” stated a report by the Herald, a daily government-controlled publication.

It was not immediately clear who the un-cooperating individuals were.

However, police last week called in Information minister, Jonathan Moyo, and Environment minister, Saviour Kasukuwere for questioning. After questioning, both ministers said everything went well.

It has emerged that the Baba Jukwa investigators also summoned two military figures, Lieutenant Colonel Kembo and Herbert Huruba, to give evidence as police vowed they would investigate everyone mentioned by Edmund Kudzayi, the Sunday Mail editor accused of treason and undermining the authority of the president.

Kudzayi and his brother, Phillip were arrested and have been given bail on stringent conditions.

The Sunday Mail editor claimed in court papers that he was introduced to Kasukuwere who later linked him with Moyo.

In turn, Moyo connected Kudzayi to the army where he was purportedly working to unmask Baba Jukwa, a Facebook character who caused shocks in Zanu (PF) during election time last year by exposing sensitive Zanu (PF) information.

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