Do you think President Obama can do anything to help Zimbabweans?

Anything like what? America is good at supplying weapons &solders . We dont need blood in zim - Stanelas Dube

Stanelas Dube
Stanelas Dube

Obama saves Americans not any other nation. Americans are not much worried about other nationalities contrary to what many believe. Zimbabwe is not even known by majority Americans – Blaz John

Vince Museve for pre$!d3nt! – Sarah Charsley Cronje

Museve is taking chances! – Gwanya Dee Ranga

i used to lyk america bt nw i dnt, i discover their det foreign policy tricks – Pau Gunnie

Obama isn't capable of saving his own people, let alone Zimbabweans. – Katrin Wilson

A very moving, poignant and true article, I pray that Mr Obama is touched by it in the same way – @MCFNottingham

It would take some dire events for the international community to intervene for the good of Zim – @MCFNottingham

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