Have you experienced abuse by border officials? Please share your experience.

thats corruption. they need mney only. - Simba Mufambi

That's unafrican – Khumbulani Moyo G

it`s terrible.God will intervene. – Iris Alice Banda

Iris Alice Banda
Iris Alice Banda

Surely Zimbabwe must do something if u enter Musina is like u are in Harare.Cars from all over zimbabwe. Eish how can we chase all manufactures from the country,Now we follow them.Those guys are being strained much pressure through out the entire night.The increase of the toll gates means a drastic increase in those products.What does the country benefit from this? – Kusasa Dzovani

Norm rather than exception – @Esquierre

any person who works for any Immigration Office representing South Africa treat people like inferiors…what goes around… – @LordClemence

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