Mugabe dynasty

One theory is that Grace is expected to protect the business interests of the Mugabe family, once her husband retires – eventually. The position in the Women’s League would catapult her into the influential politburo. A second theory is that the appointment is her first step towards the presidency (cue canned laughter).

This would create a Mugabe dynasty which, for most, is a half scary, half hilarious prospect. While anything is possible, it is hard to imagine Grace managing the chess game that is politics. It is one thing to wangle one’s way from the typing desk to State House. But it is a different game to outsmart more experienced candidates within Zanu (PF). By her own admission, Grace is not a Marie Curie.

“I stay with a very clever man…a man called Mugabe. For the whole period that I have known and lived with the President, I have failed to understand him.”

The likes of Joice Mujuru and Emmerson Mnangagwa will feel they have been in the trenches long enough to take over. But, there is a third, yet to be explored theory: Grace Mugabe’s impending appointment is another Zanu (PF) diversionary ploy.

A year after Mugabe Nikuved his way into a 7th term in office, Zimbabwe’s economy continues to wither. Unemployment is rapidly heading towards 90%. The majority twiddle their thumbs most of the day and those too embarrassed to admit their joblessness will claim to be ‘self-employed.’ The country’s roads are dilapidated. Water and electricity supply is uncertain. Between now and August – the time of the Women’s League Congress – Zanu (PF) most likely hopes that Zimbabweans will be preoccupied with pointless discussions about Grace’s promotion.

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