Mugabe pledges support for Vapostori

President Robert Mugabe last week pledged more support to the Johanne Marange apostolic sect leader Noah Taguta for helping his party “win” last year`s election.

President Mugabe has pleadged more support for Johannes Marange Apostolic sect.
President Mugabe has pleadged more support for Johannes Marange Apostolic sect.

Mugabe visited the Johanne Masowe shrine during the inclusive government and donated cash and goods to the sect. He recently sent his special envoy, Manicaland minister of State for Provincial Affairs Chris Mushohwe, to deliver a message during the “Passover ceremony”, which attracted over 250,000 congregants from all over Africa.

In his letter of appreciation, Mugabe showered praises on Taguta for his efforts in ensuring that Zanu (PF) retained seats that were previously under the control of MDC-T. During the run up to the election, Taguta only allowed Zanu (PF) members at his shrine despite his members having many different political affiliations.

He even snubbed ex-premier and MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai when he visited the shrine on a government programme. Taguta was rewarded with gifts such as tractors and farms in Chipinge, Nyazura and Makonde in Mashonaland West.

“I would like to thank you for voting for my party. I will continue to support you through and through because you were with us during difficult times. You assured me of a certain victory during the run up to July 31 elections,” said Mugabe in a speech read on his behalf at the event by Mushohwe.

“Thanks to your support we managed to defeat MDC and I want to assure you that Zanu (PF) will stand by you. We also thank for your donations during the wedding of our daughter Bona and her husband Simba,” said Mugabe.

Manicaland Zanu (PF) chairperson, John Mvundura, told the gather his party would continue to work with the sect and thanked Taguta for his unwavering support for Zanu (PF) and its leadership.

But some church elders, who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear of reprisals, said through dining and wining with Zanu (PF) chefs, their leader was losing focus and cornering himself into a trap.

They said Taguta and his immediate family members were the only beneficiaries of the Zanu (PF) patronage system.

“Our leader is losing focus because governments do change. For showing allegiance to one political party while the majority of the people are wallowing in abject poverty, he is exposing himself and reducing the church to a circus,” said one elder.

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