Mugabe totally disconnected from reality

President Robert Mugabe’ statement that the country’s failing economy is on a recovery path is a clear indication he’s detached from reality, analysts said on Monday.

Robert Mugabe
Robert Mugabe

The 90 year-old ZANU PF leader claimed on Sunday that the economy was recovering. This is despite reports that the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) recently warned him of the worsening economic and social crises afflicting the country.

Itai Dzamara, editor of the News Leader, broke the story that the dreaded spy agency recommended that Mugabe urgently find ways to address the political and economic crisis.

In their warnings to Mugabe the CIO described the current national situation as ‘uncertain and highly risky.’ But Dzamara told SW Radio Africa that Mugabe’s response to the dire economic situation can best be described as delusional.

‘I think when people say Mugabe chooses to ignore facts and at times lives in denial sums up his statement that the economy is on a rebound,’ Dzamara said.

Our Harare correspondent, Simon Muchemwa, said most people are struggling to survive barely a year after ZANU PF’s ‘resounding’ victory against the opposition MDC-T.

‘A lot of the country’s youth are struggling to chart a life amid economic crisis. Last week I was in Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe where many families are at risk of starving, despite interventions by World Food Programme and its implementing partners the United Methodist Committee on Relief.

‘The area is experiencing grain shortages forcing villagers to barter trade cattle with maize. WFP is doing a great job there helping out villagers but what is needed is more funding projects to help villagers food security programs,’ Muchemwa added.

Since the ZANU PF victory the national economy, having successfully begun to from the hyper inflation of 2006-2009, has once again melted down. This has forced the ruling ZANU PF government to shift dates on a monthly basis on when to pay civil servants.

A number of banks have failed, others are operating precariously and cash flows are extremely limited. Businesses are failing daily, with close to 100 having closed down since the beginning of the year.

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