Senior war vet raps racism

Former ZIPRA Veterans Trust chairperson, Retired Colonel Bester Magwizi, has rapped Zanu (PF) politicians who are calling for the eviction of all white farmers.

Retired Colonel Bester Magwizi
Retired Colonel Bester Magwizi

One of the liberation war ideals was to create a free Zimbabwe where every person regardless of race, creed, colour or tribe should enjoy equal rights including access to land, he said.

“As a person who sacrificed a lot in life to free this country from colonial rule, it pains me a lot to see our resources being plundered by a few black people while the rest of us wallow in poverty. This is not what we fought for,” said Magwizi.

It was unfair for anyone to continue denying white people land and other benefits on the basis of colour.

“The majority of whites here are third and fourth generation descendants of initial colonisers. These people are Zimbabweans and like anybody else they are free to own farms. If you chase them away, where do you expect them to go?” he asked, adding that it was regrettable that 35 years after attaining independence, racism, segregation and tribalism still exist.

He saluted Zanu (PF) Sanyati legislator and war veteran Blessed Runesu for lashing out at his colleagues in the party for going against the values of the liberation struggle.

“The time has come for progressive former freedom fighters like Runesu to stamp our authority and say enough is enough. Very soon we will flex our muscles against those who are taking us for granted .We have sacrificed a lot for this country,” said Magwizi.

President Robert Mugabe declared that white farmers should not be allowed to own land in the country.

“We say no to whites owning our land and they should go. They can own companies and apartments but not the soil,” said Mugabe. Magwizi also condemned the recent wave of farm invasions which seemed to have been triggered by Mugabe’s statement.

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