Tsvangirai promises to fund constituency development

MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai has said his party will soon mobilise funds to help Zimbabweans, most of whom were living in abject poverty.


“We are going to establish the MDC-T Constituency Development Fund (CDF) where our members of parliament, including those that lost, will be given money to develop their respective areas,” he told supporters in Masvingo last week. “As the MDC-T we want to transform the lives of Zimbabweans. We want to fight poverty, hunger and unemployment. We would like this country under the governance of the MDC-T to be the largest economy in southern Africa,” he said.

On the squabbles that have seen him and secretary general Tendai Biti parting ways, Tsvangirai said that the coming national congress would map the way forward. He said congress, scheduled for October, was the only legitimate and constitutional platform where leaders could be changed.

The MDC-T leader his party would push for constitutional reforms during the forthcoming congress to ensure that power was shared among the people. “We have learnt lessons as we move along and these lessons should guide us as to what we should do,” said Tsvangirai. “We must have constitutional reforms as we go for the congress. Some people say I have overstayed but let those who feel that they have the guts to lead the party be elected at congress,” he said.

The MDC-T leader maintained that the elections which ushered in a new government led by President Robert Mugabe were rigged. “We have no apologies to make on this one because we know the elections were stolen from us. Mugabe knows very well that in a free and fair election I am going to be the next leader,” he said.

The internal squabbles would rejuvenate the party, said Tsvangirai. “We did this in 2005 and we became a strong force in the 2008 elections. Now we are seeing the same thing again which means we are geared for good times,” he said.

Biti and Tsvangirai have exchanged counter accusations of looting party funds. At the Masvingo meeting Tsvangiari urged party supporters to contribute financially saying their coffers were now completely empty.

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