3500 viewers tuned in to watch ZIWA Live on Zimbo LIVE TV

For the Zimbabwe International Women's Awards organisers there surely is a lot to be excited about. Their event was sold out but there is more. The ZIWA Awards team worked in partnership with Zimbo Live TV to Live stream the awards and over 6hours of the event went our LIVE.

Zimbo LIVE TV Studios showing ZIWA footage coming back straight to the Studio for transmission
Zimbo LIVE TV Studios showing ZIWA footage coming back straight to the Studio for transmission

Over 3500viewers stayed up late into the night to watch the event online. From the Red Carpet interviews to the main award ceremony including the live music was all sent out LIVE from the Birmingham venue.

The Zimbo Live TV studio engineering team said they were especially amazed at how much time people spent engaged with the content. People were able to watch the content on their mobile phones, tablets and desktop computers. At many households families connected their laptops and computers to a TV screen and thus the 3500 number is very conservative.

A spokesman for the Zimbabwean Television company said "our project which is still in its infancy, aims to herald the greatness of Zimbabwe and Zimbabweans. We aim to operate with less resources but with the same output as Sky News, BBC and many like that. In the not so distant future we shall be posting correspondents to parts of the world where Zimbabweans have emigrated to. The Zimbabwean story shall be reported LIVE through Zimbabwean eyes from many places on the planet. And the fact that this project is fully financed and controlled by Zimbabweans gives us 100% editorial control and the ability to show the good side of our country."

Zimbo Live TV has built a sophisticated Studio facility in Reading in the UK and this acts as the control hub from where correspondents across the world can be received in real time. Some of the technology was previously being used by Sky Sports News in the UK.

The Zimbo Live TV spokesman said,"Zimbabwean audiences across the globe are increasingly going online to consume content. And we also understand that the audience is very sophisticated and they demand good quality content that they are able to interact with. It has to be a dialogue and not a monologue. It's not old media, it's new media. Zimbabweans support their own as long as you give them quality."

ZIWA 2014 can be watched at www.redcarpet.zimbolive.tv

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