Are you surprised to find tribalism alive and well in the MDC-T?

First your impression is wrong thee is no mre leardership war in MDC Biti & Co are dead buried. - Fungai Huni

Fungai Huni
Fungai Huni

The Tsvangirai violent and tribalistic blind followers are not only in Ndau but also at Harvest house. I do not know why they do not do that to Zpf. Can they rule Zimbabwe from there? They have been taught by the party spokesperson. Rev.N Sithole akange ari kwese kusanganisa Churu farm kuHarare. VAnhu ava ngavadzidze kana kudzidzisva kodzero dzavo. – Moyo Bhowasi

Some points of correction Mr Editor; 1. There is no leadership war in MDC-T, biti and co’ are now water under the bridge. 2. This is NOT tribalism. Thank you. – Tafadzwa Dzapasi

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