Deluded celebration

If Maziwisa can show us party membership cards for the surgeons who performed the historic operation, we might join them in this deluded celebration. Zanu (PF) was not even among the nurses whose job was to pass the scalpel or the cleaners who sterilised the surgeons’ implements.

If anything, Zanu (PF) policies have set the country back to the stone age – from an agricultural sector run by combined harvesters to one of ox drawn ploughs – and if it was not for the madness of 2000, which triggered the mass emigration of Zimbabwe’s finest professionals, we might have witnessed this medical feat a lot sooner.

Over 4million Zimbabweans have fled Zanu (PF)’s autocratic and chaotic rule and, by Mugabe’s own admission, it is other countries that have benefitted greatly from the flight of our valuable human resources. “Our doctors are doing wonders in other countries such as South Africa, Australia and in Europe. Our people distinguish themselves,” he said.

If Zanu (PF) want to claim any part in the country’s health sector they are welcome to take credit for the thousands who perish from lack of ARVs and the 6,000 who died from the cholera outbreak of 2008, brought about by the collapse of water treatment and sewerage systems.

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