Do you think Jonothan Moyo should resign?

He must stay for the sake of his own safety...Moyo is renowned for being a Zanu pf critic b4 joining it, and Zanu is aware of that, hence would like to keep him closer on checks. - Gain Sibanda

who cares what happens 2a man who is part of zpf mafia?we are suffering coz draconian laws Johnso drafted vz-a -v aippa/posa,subjugated us 4long ,let him get the taste of his own medicine. – Jacob Mabvunure

Let dog eat dog in this one. We like it when they bite each other in Zanu pf. – Mehleli Ndlovu


Whether he resign or not we dnt care abt zanu pf – Khabo Ntandoyenkosi Ngxameni

JM's lovehateaffair wif RM is well non.RM wl gamatox and ressurect JM in 1 breath if it benefits him – @MariaZest1

If he has to resign a lot of Mininsters have to resign b4 him and I don't think he is part of #babajukwa – @ardonis

I don't think he should resign-we should acknowledge he is trying to shake up/modernize Zanu PF from within –


I have no sympathy for Moyo, the man who has been the architect of the most draconian media laws ever seen in Zimbabwe – @RebelMunyukwi

I've a love-hate relationship with Moyo. But looking at the bigger picture, yes he should resign – @MandipaM

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