Do you think the war vets will succeed in pressuring government to do a transparent land audit?

I foresee the mother of all revolutions coming, whereby all fat cats' farms would be invaded and looted by the hungry masses.- Gain Sibanda


Elections hv cmé & gone so Zanu-PF dsñt need ém at the mmñt. éy'll b thoroughly dealt wth. But who knòz, anythñ cñ hppñ since Zanu-PF is not concerned àbt dvlòpñ our Zìm. – Joel Mutasa

Ndivapi ava vanozviti maWar Veterans – Collen Matanda

dzikamai vakuru – Sylvester Magomera

it will be a +ve move to ensure tenure security, however #warvets are in ownership of multiple farms – @YouthAgrarian

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