Do you think this new party, Transform Zimbabwe Party, has a chance of winning substantial support?

It can... provided that it works very hard on grassroot level. - Gain Sibanda

Gain Sibanda
Gain Sibanda

This party should be given thumbs up for its efforts. They are very brave for starters. The media should highlight all political parties the same Yes they can do anything for as long as they manifest their wise intentions I admire their sence of democratisation haikona vana handiendi ndinogarira vana vangu. – Moyo Bhowasi

I have misgivings about Tsvangirai’s supporters. They act just like those from ZPF.They think there is no politics without either Tsvangirai or Mugabe. These two are mortal beings subject to death Are the supporters of the two going to leave politics on the death of their icons. – Moyo Bhowasi

The only opposition l knò is MDC-T led by Morgan Richard Tsvangirai. The rest hv links wth Zanu-PF. – Joel Mutasa

Fake parties. – Robert Ndlovu

Hey guys join hands with MDC-T otherwise you are wasting time. – Kusasa Dzovani

Our political landscape is dorminated by opportunists. Only tried and tested political parties survives in Zimbabwe. – @lykmoor

Easy come easy go, they will follow others into extinction @lykmoor. – @sheltonbiz85

They got chances actually TZ is more popular than the orangeTeam. – @nyamasvisvaK

Another party? Will it split tomorrow? – @ConorMWalsh

A Transformed party will eventually transform itself to a “New Transformed Party”. – @Keziwanai

Transform Zimbabwe is another joke of the day I suppose. – @RebelMunyukwi

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