Do you think Zimbabweans are justified in ranting against SA policy makers?

Yes cos its seems like we are being targeted by the South African authorities. - Moffat Ndlovu

Moffat Ndlovu
Moffat Ndlovu

To strike or not, im here 2 stay. – Danweath Gwanya

Wat goes around, comes around….let them do watever they want bt the truth z South Africa wil b lyk Zim sn….wait n see, wth these strikes! – Ryan Ramz Walz

Chisi chako masimba mashoma. – Kurauwone Chinyama

No they are not justified. – Phiri James Gordon

South Africas endorsement of Mugabe and his ‘victory’ is contributing tremendously to the decay we see in Zim , had SA told mugabe that what he just did is not acceptable we would be in a better place, but khandakhulu Zuma was the first to congratulate the thief. So they must put up with us. They are part of the problem. If it was Bots we would understand!!!! – Nyangazonke N Moyo

So l would say the Majority of hard working Zimbabweans in South Africa were forced to leave their country because of political intrigue and trembling of the economy to the extent of close to 80 percent unemployment which was and is facing their beloved country caused by arrogant leadership ZPF. Around the time of 2010 to 2011 we were issued with free workers permits and also allowing us to enjoy the rights almost equivalent to those of the locals.Yah l do agree with you who say an issue of “previously disadvantaged Zimbabwean groups who were denied proper education in SouthAfrica – is similar to the tale of a neighbour who insults his host once he starts getting comfortable.Is a good example of what the South African home Affiars is doing. @ my opinion. – Ernest Maseya

Dzokai tigadzire nyika nguva ichipo. – Silence Nyanganye

Hapana apa dzokai kumba nhasi mazvionaka kuti kuJoza hakusi kwenyu yatononoka South Africa yacho kukudzingai coz tokudai kumapurazi edu nguva yekurima yasvika. – Godfrey Kurarama Zingano

Kana ndiwe hako vanhu kuchemera unhapwa vachiramba kuenda kumusha, izvezvi ndiri muNewcastle kuKZN Home Affairs nepolice yanga ichisunga vasina mapepa, l hear its the same story kuCapetwn, ngavadzoke kumusha tibatsirane kuvaka nyika yedu, vakaramba mapurazi ndeyekwawo, wamwe tiri biz kurima mapuno hedu isu. – Godfrey Kurarama Zingano

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