Hell hath no fury like Mugabe scorned

As 50 African heads of state converged on Washington for the United States-Africa Leaders Summit, President Robert Mugabe called a celebration, inviting members of his inner circle to State House to celebrate a victory that everybody knows to have been stolen. With his band of looters around him, Mugabe veered off topic, launching into a tirade against those who had been invited to Washington.

“You go back to the same people we kicked out of Africa yesterday and say we want help. Yes, of course they will give you help provided you say yes to them. So there is no longer the thinking of Nkrumah in most of Africa, sad. The reliance on the resources of Europe…Reliance, in some cases, 60% on foreign aid.”

Mugabe’s rant is both an attempt to detract from Zimbabwe’s woes and to vent his frustration at being snubbed by Obama. Ever since 2000, he has become angrier the more he is rejected by the West. The phrase ‘sour grapes’ comes to mind.

Mugabe gladly accepts millions in aid from the EU, Britain and America to feed his starving people, put medicines into empty clinics and roofs on dilapidated schools, and then has the audacity to speak of ‘reliance on the resources of Europe. The Beam project for underprivileged pupils had collapsed until Britain came to the rescue. Repairs to the dam wall at Kariba will be paid for by the EU.

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