Mischief at propaganda central

As Mugabe prepared to launch a political career for his mistress turned wife, the Herald published a eulogy to the late first lady, Sally - who was largely viewed as mother of the nation. She was a key member of the country’s liberation movement and, unlike her successor, who is trailed by scandal after scandal, she left an admirable legacy.

Even as Sally battled for her life against a chronic kidney ailment, Grace was at her home-wrecking best, carrying on an affair which began somewhere between the president’s office and the typing pool from which she was plucked. Each paragraph in the long eulogy for Sally has the effect of showing that the current first lady is, at best, a mere counterfeit when held up against the original.

As Heroes’ Day approaches, the Sally Mugabe eulogy might be relevant. But a cynic would be forgiven for wondering if the article is another subtle ploy by someone with a vested interest in the presidential succession race.

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