Musanhu develops talent in UK

Former Zimbabwe national team defender, Chamunoda Musanhu, is now involved in talent development in the United Kingdom.

Chamunoda Musanhu
Chamunoda Musanhu

Established two years ago, The Feds Liverpool FC team he runs comprises Under-12 boys that his son, Jadel, skippers.

"My aim is to develop future stars in these youngsters by horning their skills for a better future in soccer," said Musanhu recently.

"I am determined to play a big role in this community. I am also pleased that all the kids involved in this project are kept away from the dangers of drugs and other criminal activities. My son’s involvement also makes this project extra important to because I want to see him grow into a better football player than I was. It's been a hard two years trying to come up successful with this project, but now I am seeing direction in it."

The former Dynamos star player also expressed happiness towards the positive attitude his son is showing towards the sport.

"Jadel was also selected into Liverpool County FC last year. I also have a goalkeeper and striker who have been taken up by Everton. It was great to see those youngsters to attract the interest of bigger clubs,” he said, adding that he was looking beyond working with the 12-year-olds.

"I would like to go to as far as 18year-olds and then introduce them to agents that will help market the boys to other big European clubs,” he said. “When I develop a relationship with my players would like to see it last for a longer period of time, not just mentor them at junior level and then let them go to other clubs."

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