Top officials desperate to get tertiary qualifications

Following on from our front page story two weeks ago about senior government officials being fooled by bogus colleges we asked our readers: Why do you think these top officials are so desperate to get tertiary qualifications? These are your responses:

Sifiso Gurumu
Sifiso Gurumu

Thats what they always do in their life. – Sifiso Gurumu

They are planning for the future like the Afrikaaners during during the push for independence on its peak in South Africa. – Mehleli Ndlovu

Not so Bright Matonga. – Pabloss Escobas

Pakaipa. – Paidamoyo Chitsa

Everyone and his dog aspire 2b doctor of this or that, a serious problem of low self esteem and peer pressure. – @vincemusewe

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