What do you think Mugabe’s worst lie has been during the past 30 years?

We asked Zimbabweans Facebook and Twitter what they thought about the lies they have been told by politicians over the years. Here are some of the responses we received:

Phiri James Gordon
Phiri James Gordon

That he fought to free us. – Phiri James Gordon

He lied that he is Bona’s father yet he dont have some testis. – Watsomba Domborutinhira Mwoyoweshumba

Being 21. – Robert Ndlovu

That he will increase civil servant’s salary yet incentive was cut off. – Jack Tamry

The only thing i blìv Mugabe is when he say retrogressive things lyk sayñ, let’s loot the white man’s companies, let’s invade white man’s farms, let’s kill MDC-T supporters. Let’s discriminate Tsvangirai followers. – Joel Mutasa

He knows nothing about the economy. – Moffat Ndlovu

Freedom. – Sean Amers

Not surprising to hear from him he has been lying for a long time. That’s politicking. – Blaz John

The economy, state of roads, what Zim Dr’s can do isn’t RGM speciality but wud ask if I wanted an analysis of MT’s bedhopping. – @MariaZest1

His Reconciliation Speech at Independence; his occasional speeches about peace and development since then….. – @ConorMWalsh

Zimbabwe is a democracy. That Zimbabwe is for Zimbabweans. That Zim is victim of dark colonial forces vs rape & mismanagment. – @RebuildZimbabwe

That Zimbabwe is a shining example to the rest of the continent. – @adsteedley

Diesel comes from the rock, Diesel padombo. – Duran Rapozo

We are being ruled by a ghost. Would you believe a ghost? – Mashonaland Dickmarsh

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