Chawanda plans comeback

Former Warriors captain Ephraim Chawanda is planning a return to football, and says he wants to get involved in grassroots development.


The former “Dream Team” captain, now based in neighbouring Botswana, said his return was sparked by the continuing collapse of Zimbabwean football as compared with other nations.

“I cannot just sit idle here and watch when the game that gave me fame and fortune continues on a downward slide,” said the former Zimbabwe Saints defender, who is also a former Zimbabwe PSL Soccer Star of the Year.

“I’m planning to return home and develop talent. My main aim is to build the sport from grassroots level because Zimbabwe still has a lot of talent that needs to be identified and nurtured. I still love football and as a former player, I believe I still owe the Zimbabwean game a lot in terms of giving back to the community.”

Chawanda starred for Zimbabwe Saints as central defender and was part of the unforgettable “Chikwata” Class of 1988, which won the league championship. He played with the likes of David Machingura, Philemon Tangarembwa, John Sibanda, Henry Mckop That was the year Chawanda himself got the cherry on top when he was deservedly crowned the Soccer Star of the Year.

When Reinhardt Fabisch arrived in the early 1990s, the German mentor built his defence on the “Rock of Gibraltar”, who became his first captain.

Chawanda would however, not say if that grassroots support would benefit his former side, Zimbabwe Saints, whose demise has been as bad as that of the Zimbabwe national team.

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