Do you think an alliance between Mnangagwa and Grace will work?

Regai vakadaro, toda kuti varwe.tozovarova kana vanyara. - Taurai Cortezy Mangwayana Mkondo

Taurai Cortezy M. Mkondo
Taurai Cortezy M. Mkondo

Yep, Mnangagwa/Grace alliance may work. Any attempts by Mujuru faction to dilute Grace’s influence may hv serious repercussions & Mujuru wl suffer seriously worse than Gukurahundi victims. – Joel Mutasa

Pamuchamunywa neMUjuru mapinda muMARUFU ndopamuchaöna kuti vese vanyengeri makananga kuMINANGAGWA yerufu. – Emmily Magozore

I just hate Grace she’s Greedy. – Dudzai Makuyana

I stand to be corrected, an alliance is when parties work to achieve the same goal but i dont think it deserves to be called an alliance when one party is d mastermind and the other is jas but a pawn or expendable in the long run. My opinion is it will work for d short term. – Benard Gambe

Yes I think it’ll work but jùs for a short term. – Joel Mutasa

No she is a psychopath wanting every bit of power or herself. – Angela Botha

I suspect only for as long as needed. How much power has SHE got? Divide and conquer? – @simhendi

It might work but grace has to be wary because crocodiles eat their own when push comes to shove. – @garweh2011

A frog will carry a scorpion across a river. Sooner or later the scorpion will sting the frog. Both may drown. – @ConorMWalsh

Politics is a game of numbers and Grace do not have any power base besides the president’s influence. – @lykmoor

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