Do you think SADC will follow Mugabe’s lead?

Gumbo is ryt, Mugabe shld also teach regional leaders hw to rig elections, hw to kill opposition supporters, hw to destroy economy single-handedly, hw to loot state resources, hw to destroy agriculture, teach ém lawlessness, hw to unleash police on unarmed demonstrators. Gumbo is jùs ryt. Viva Mugabe viva. - Joel Mutasa

Just another way for the big fish to start cross border looting of each others economies. – Sean Amers

?ts jst a mter of tym. – Bryan Katupira

5000 white farmers left then millions of Zimbabwean followed to scatter all over e world and some never to return. – Phuti Nothando

Phuti Nothando
Phuti Nothando

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