Do you think the MDC constitution gives too much power to the secretary general?

The Zanification of MDCt has began and a political demigod will emerge at congress a real Hastings Kamuzu Banda hailing from Buhera. - Stuart M Maseure

Stuart M. Maseure
Stuart M. Maseure

No, the president is not manoeuvring, actually pplé wñt the president to fyt Zanu Bokoharam-PF until victory has bñ achieved. Tsvangirai isñt a dictator, he is a victim of dictatorship. No one has the guts to challenge uncle Bob, hence, Tsvangirai shld stay. – Joel Mutasa

Having not previleged to cast my eyes upon the DOCUMENT never the less any changes and revisions made on that contitution is essential, especially when it sustainably develops and consolidates the organisation.Only that which works is usefull there is no need for being too much conservative. – Lucky Myomo

They mst reduce the powers of the Secretary General think Welshman Ncube was a very good candidate and his departure left a big dent.As for Biti ah no difference. – Kusasa Dzovani

But u have jst told us the members were told to debate the changes and cum up with positions so wts dictatorial abt that. If e members see certain proisions which are problematic they mst amend them. A constitution is writen by pple it mst be changed by pple. – Tonderai Lawson

We must lean to obey what we agree first M Tsvangirai must pave for a new leader. Mugabe used to amend and change constituon to suite what he want. E.g from police commissioner to commissioner genaral e.t.c. There is nothing specciall about being first leader of MDC. – Michael Chiponda

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