Garanganga’s begging bowl

Takanyi Garanganga, the country’s highest-ranked tennis star, is struggling to get funds to secure participation in the next Australian Open.

Takanyi Garanganga
Takanyi Garanganga

The 23-year-old said financial challenges risked thwarting his long–held dream to participate in international events, including the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam of the year scheduled for January.

“Any support I get will be used towards travel costs such as flights and accommodation, training expenses, equipment and competition entries. I need to raise at least US$10 000 which will partly cover some of my expenses to compete at the 2015 Australian Open, in January. I feel I really have a chance to achieve my goal of making it this year and know it will make my country, continent and supporters proud. Representing Zimbabwe and the continent of Africa at the grand slams has always kept me driven, but I still need your help,” he said.

“I believe I will ultimately reach my goal sooner rather than later but it’s only within a well-resourced and developed programme that I can maximise this fantastic opportunity and talent I have been given. With my current ranking inside 300 and a few tournaments in line my childhood dream to play in the Grand Slams is finally becoming more of a reality. I am improving every day and have never felt so energized and determined.”

Garanganga is enjoying some good form that has culminated in his ranking position of 291 in the world having climbed over 200 spots since 2013. Some of his titles include the 2011 All-Africa Games, five Futures tournaments as well as reaching two semi-finals and four Quarterfinals on the ATP Challenger Tour.

“Unfortunately, money has been a serious struggle for me throughout my professional career. Because of limited support and funding, coming solely from friends and family, I can’t play the full schedule of events I need to, as I simply cannot afford to do so. Thankfully, it’s been through a strong group of supporters that I am where I am today but there is only so much they can help, and the tether has now pretty much been exhausted,” he said.

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