Jonathan Moyo is gay–Mliswa

Temba Mliswa, the outspoken Zanu (PF) Mashonaland West provincial chair yesterday dismissed recent claims run by the Sunday Mail that he was linked to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).

Temba Mliswa
Temba Mliswa

Speaking at a hastily organised press conference in Harare, Mliswa also claimed that Information minister, Jonathan Moyo and some of his named colleagues were homosexual.

The Sunday Mail quoted unnamed sources claiming that Mliswa was receiving funding from the CIA and had taken one of its agents based in the capital, Eric Little, on a tour in the province.

Mliswa admitted to the trip, but said members of the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) were also present during the tour.

“I am taking you through all this because I never received any funding. I only met Eric once and never met him again. He never drove in a car with the 2 of us alone. Eric is CIA, I know that and he confirmed it and am not a naïve politician,” said Mliswa.

He accused Moyo of being, in fact, the CIA agent in Zimbabwe, saying he was behind the promulgation of the Access to Information and Protection of Privacy Act (AIPPA) which he said emphasised the protection of personal information.

Section 25 of the Act relates to the protection of a person’s age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status and family status.

Mliswa said Moyo had pushed for that provision to hide his gay tendencies.

“Professor Jonathan Moyo is directly linked to the CIA. You cannot be part of this organisation without initiation. We know about it and we talk about it every day.

“The role of the CIA is to have close relationships with the security chiefs in the country because that is where you get information. The American CIA is a bunch of gay gangsters and you cannot be part of them if you are not one. I have links that talk about Professor Moyo’s gay tendencies,” said Mliswa.

Mliswa further alleged that Moyo was working to with the CIA to topple President Robert Mugabe from power through a shadowy Zanu (PF) council of elders.

Emmerson Mnangagwa, who leads a faction to which Moyo is linked, recently announced in Parliament that a council of elders would decide Mugabe’s successor.

“Jonathan Moyo ran as an independent and lost an election but he was reinstated. I wonder why the party keeps entertaining him. But some of us are there to protect the leadership of the party.”

“The party- Zanu (PF) is run by a constitutional leader but we are wondering what Professor Moyo is doing in the party when he lost an election. We ask ourselves whether the party has been high-jacked?” Mliswa said.

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