MATTERS OF THE HEART: How can this over-qualified maid keep peace in the home where she works?

You know, you must be in control of the situation,use the education to your appears that you where able to realise limitations by doing the odd job anyway regardless of your qualifications, on the same token you must realise possibilities and oppotunities. - Lucky Myomo

What kind of advice are you seeking and l feel the decision should be yours. – Ozias Mthunzi

 Ozias Mthunzi
Ozias Mthunzi

Tarisa mikana ndokudzidza kwekutanga zvenyu zvemadegree tarira mowachira magrade3 kkkkkk. – Patrick Mugoto Ngwenya

That husband has got hiden agenda,angain education is the root of poverty my dear. – Patrick Mugoto Ngwenya

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