OPINION by #Jera: 'If Zanu (PF) looks firmly in control it is not out of popularity but rather the lack of strong political opposition.

Overally #Jera is ryt but Morgan Tsvangirai has the ryt to remain in Highlands state hoùz wth the option to buy it. Tsvangirai deserves better còz he saved dìs country frm collapsing, he worked tirelessly to get Zimbabwe out of the quagmire. - Joel Mutasa


How does Tsvangirayi staying in the Government mansion bring down the price of eggs.He's no longer in office Buda. – Bradley Richards

Zimbabweans, we have eyes and we have brain. Its an open secret that the current regime has failed us and, equally the same Tsangirai is sinking in the oblivion due to copy cat attitude. He dinnes with his enemy yet using a short fork. Some other politica parties sprout and wilt in the same manner due to lack of vigor and unity of purpose. Lets see UCAD of Albert Mugove Matapo. – Canny Kaeto

Leaving the mansion is not removing mugabe.let Tsvangirai enjoy that hse when he was beaten and sacrificed his life you were not there. – Fidelis Chigwada

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