Vigil protests against Mutsvangwa

People running away in fear: it must have seemed like old times for Zanu (PF) Minister Christopher Mutsvangwa. Except this time it was the former CIO agent and director of the ZBC who was doing the running when he arrived with Embassy flunkies to give a talk at the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House in London on September 16.

Vigil protestors in London last week.
Vigil protestors in London last week.

A group from the Vigil was ready for Deputy Foreign Minister Mutsvangwa with our 12-foot banner ‘No to Mugabe, No to Starvation’ and posters such as: ‘No to Mugabe Stooge Christopher Mutsvangwa’. ‘No to Stolen Elections’, ‘No to Mugabe Mafia’ and ‘Free and Fair Elections in Zimbabwe’. Another poster recorded Mugabe’s latest racist rant: ‘Kick out remaining Whites’.

The Mutsvangwa group tried to avoid us by sneaking into Chatham House through a side door. But Vigil demonstrators got there first and blocked Mutsvangwa’s entry, demanding to know what he was doing in London representing an illegal regime. By the time he got into the building he was visibly shaken.

Mutsvangwa is not an ideal candidate to put Chatham House straight about Zimbabwe. They might be interested to know that many Zimbabwean victims of politically-motivated violence and torture have mentioned his name as the mastermind behind their suffering.

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