What do you think of these covert campaigns taking place throughout the country?

It sounds funny. Thats what tey are in their house these guys. Chaotic, vote buying, having more cash than the nation's fiscus and oblivious of the people's woe and cries. This only means one thing. They are a ppolitical ship sinking into the oblivion and people must try something new. MDC is doggedly following the same pattern. - Canny Kaeto

Last kicks of a dying horse. Broke & desperate regime thts y they're àr robbing poor citizens of their hard-earned cash by introducing duties on air time, fuel & taxing struggling vendors. Mugabe must go now !! – Joel Mutasa


No change there. Par for the course and expected. Thank god I got out of that 'hell on earth'… – Lee Janjetich-Holden

just goes to who's how much the party members are now earning compared to the party.. – @simhendi

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