What successful trip?

In a previous appearance at the UN, Mugabe insulted the most influential men on the planet – ‘Remove your filthy sanctions, shame, shame, shame!’ It is Mugabe who should be thoroughly ashamed to learn that members of his party – one of them a Provincial Chairman no less – were trying to obtain funding from the evil Americans.


There are ways for one president to address another and Mugabe’s manner was not the appropriate one. State media announced that there would be a welcoming party at the Harare International Airport, following Mugabe’s ‘successful trip’ to New York. One wonders if the Zanu (PF) broadcaster understands the purpose of the UN General Assembly.

The ZBC has become so accustomed to brown-nosing that it refers to anything Mugabe does as ‘successful,’ even if he were to accidentally saw off his own arm. Unless Mugabe returned with new jobs for the unemployed youths and shelter for those made homeless by Chombo’s demolitions, it is hard to see how his UN trip can be described as ‘successful.’

It is puzzling that a man who is supposedly a ‘liberator’ will engage in acts that cause the continued suffering of his countrymen. Reflecting on Mugabe’s UN address, it is difficult to arrive at any conclusion other than that he has completely gone off the rail. Madness is not only exclusive to those who bare themselves in public and hurl abuse at the moon.

If the ZBC is bent on assessing Mugabe, here are the facts. Today we have entered the 15th month since Zanu (PF)’s supposed “landslide victory”. More companies have shut down and hundreds of mothers and fathers have lost their jobs – 623 laid off in August alone, according to the Zimbabwe Retrenchment board and 4668 retrenched between January and July. So far Mugabe’s report card shows a chain of ‘F’ symbols. – Till next week, my pen is capped. Jerà. Twitter @JeraZW

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