What's your take… are the #ZIMRA measures a good thing or will it cause mayhem at our busiest border post as some say?

I am not aware of the Zimra measures pse elaborate. How ever the Zimbabwean is the founder and sponsor of corruption. You commite a scheduled crime by not being corrupt. You may end up exposing your accomplices. Have you seen how all government and quasi government agencies are collecting money from the poor masses. The Zimbabwean government has gone typical indigenous as was its election manifesto. Indigenise - Moyo Bhowasi

They call it survival of the fittest còz this desperate regime is àftr évry cent of our hard-earned €a$h. No wonder why police is collecting $millions frm the traffic daily. – Joel Mutasa

mayherm or no mayherm chikuru ibasa. Close all loopholes. Zvatakadya zvakakwana – Nixon Mtakwa

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