Who would you prefer to succeed Mugabe – Mujuru or Mnangagwa?

“Apa mandiremedza madzimai” hamuoni ndabata rushaya sure? - Munyaradzi Shumba

Neither. – Colin Copeland

Zanu Bokoharam-PF falling into extinction. – Joel Mutasa

Cry my beloved country cry…Tongogara is surely turning in his grave. – Emmanuel Mashonga

Mnangagwa is quiet and diplomatic. Mai Mujuru talks too much and most of times is irrelevant to the topic. MNANGAGWA IS the better one although people like Mtsvangwa and Kaukonde have good Presidential brains than those two. – Freedom Zimbabwe

None of them. – Norman Simango

They are going to kill each other again as soon as the leader passed away. – Moore Clouds

None at all. – Presley Zvemhari

Mnangagwa is worse than Mugabe. – Kusasa Dzovani

Besides fighting for power, none of them has shown leadership qualities. A great leader exceeds everybody’s expectations. You haven’t given us much to chose from, I think we should have a broader spectrum beyond these two. – Goddie Wozhele

Mujuru have a proven track record of leadership! – Gwanya Dee Ranga

I don’t think there’s anybody in the running for the next president who is interested in anything except their own advancement. – Alan Morrison

Mujuru. – Frank Sande

Nhai zvinhu zvamunotaura munozviwanepi. – Alexio Maruma

Mujuru Mnangagwa no no no. – Vivian Chikwat

Mujuru is better but i prefer Sekeramai Sydney in Zanu-PF. Tsvangirai is the solution to Zimbabwe’s woes. – Joel Mutasa

Welshman Ncube or David coltart. – Khabo Ntandoyenkosi Ngxameni

If not Tsvangs, mai Mujuru is better. – Mutsvakiwa Admore

Chatunga, kana chakura, chakura here? – Lucky Myomo

Mujuru yes to destroy the party. – Godserves Mangena

Whoever is the sincerest Christian who has the people at heart. – Susan Longhurst

Zvakarongwa kare Obvious Grace Mugabe. – Watsomba Domborutinhira Mwoyoweshumba

Neither. – @weirmouth18

Any as long as the interests of the country will be the core priorities of that successor. – @CornwellNcube

If u ask in PF- who cares. In gvt- MDC. – @matdera

I think for Munangagwa is just a tad better. – @garweh2011

Not anyone in ZANU PF. They are all culpable for the ills bedevilling Zimbabwe. – @gidi_gabriel

I would love Mujuru to lead. – @lykmoor

Other than their love for power I do not see a passion in either for making Zimbabwe a better place for all. – @MariaZest1

I agree. Zanu PF is the home of violence and corruption. Let’s not look for saints there. – @ConorMWalsh

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