YOUR opinion, YES or NO… Do you think people should take the law into their own hands if the police fail to act properly?

No, police àr sole custodians & law enforcers anythñ else wl result in maximum chaos especially considering fissures in troubled Zanu-PF. - Joel Mutasa

Creasy Munaki
Creasy Munaki

No but the police must be accountable to the public. – Engie Shinga

No. – Shame Samhungu

Yes. – Theo Hlatshwayo

Yes. – Creasy Munaki

Yeeeeees!!! cuz they seem to be useless. All the working is to block roads wanting bribes yuk! – Clement Carl Jackson

Yes munoita sei ivo vachitarisa one side. – Herbert Mtembo

Not “yes” or “no” but” what does this situation require of me?” – Pushpa Richard

Yes. the institution is there to serve, guard and enforce our social contract. if it don’t it only remains liberties should be retained to the people. – Lucky Myomo

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