No to any threats of Violence!!!

Heal Zimbabwe Trust notes with concern the sentiments by the First Lady of Zimbabwe, Mai Grace Mugabe that she will “spill blood” if anyone attempts to remove her from her Mazoe Farm that she grabbed from a white commercial farmer and owner. She said this to hundreds of ruling party supporters at the ZANU PF Gweru convention centre on the 6th of October, 2014.

Grace Mugabe
Grace Mugabe

Mai Mugabe should be reminded that she is also bound by the constitution to promote unity, peace in the nation for the benefit and well-being of all the people of Zimbabwe. As the First Lady, she has chosen to join active politics as the Secretary of the ZANU PF Women’s League, where she is supposed to champion and advance the interests of many poverty stricken women and children who continue to carry an albatross of political violence and gender inequality.

Given the history of Zimbabwe where retribution has not produced anything in recent years besides death and suffering, Heal Zimbabwe proffers that the problems bedevilling the nation in as far as peace is concerned can only be dealt with by allowing dialogue, reconciliation and justice.

As the First Lady and designate Women’s League boss, she is supposed to exemplify good leadership to all the women by allowing peaceful co-existence and dialogue for the attainment of a peaceful Zimbabwe and not inciting people to retaliate when attacked. Zimbabwean society is still faced with myriad of problems affecting women which range from domestic violence, gender inequality and political violence.

The statement by the First Lady come a year after the nation has a new constitution that provides for the creation of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NPRC) whose duty is to conciliate and mediate disputes among communities, organisations, groups and individuals.

The NPRC which was supposed to be constituted 10 days after effective date is not yet operational till now. Heal Zimbabwe therefore calls for the composition of the NPRC by the executive so as to allow it to carry out its mandate.

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