Pasi nemhandu

At the Women’s League congress, it was Mnangagwa who said ‘pasi nemhandu,’ at an event where all in attendance were party members. It is not out of a love for sightseeing that Mnangagwa, with co-conspirators Kasukuwere, Muchinguri and Moyo, has diligently followed the spoor of Grace from one province to the next, smiling and laughing at all of her discordant utterances.


Oppah Muchinguru briefed the politburo on the new piece on the chessboard’s ‘meet the people’ countrywide tour, describing it as ‘successful,’ much to the chagrin of some members. ‘Successful,’ like all adjectives, is relative and depends entirely on set goals. If the tour was meant to disrupt what little harmony there was in Zanu (PF) and if the primary goal was to waste valuable time and money, which could have been channelled towards national projects, then yes, the tours were a resounding success.

In Matebeleland – a region where Zanu (PF) has traditionally struggled to win votes on account of the unresolved Gukurahundi massacres – Grace blurted insulting remarks which some believe to be excerpts from pillow talk in the Presidential palace. In Mashonaland East, she called out the provincial chairman, Ray Kaukonde, pointing at him – ‘iyeyu Kaukonde’ – as if he was a small boy, before brazenly declaring that at one point she ‘wanted to punch him.’

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