Diaspora must promote tourism industry

Zimbabweans in the diaspora are strategic ambassadors for the tourism industry and wish the country well, says the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority chief executive.

Karikoga Kaseke: Zimbaweans in the Diapsora love their country.
Karikoga Kaseke: Zimbaweans in the Diapsora love their country.

Karikoga Kaseke expressed concern at the “battered image of the country” but commended the estimated three million exiles for painting a good image of the country from outside. “Wherever we go, Zimbabweans do their best to portray the country in good light, despite the global popular belief that our country is at war with itself,” said Kaseke.

He said those who left for different reasons had their country at heart at wished it well, and claimed the world was misled by prophets of doom who distorted the loving and hospitable nature of Zimbabweans.

But Jacob Mafume, MDC Renewal national spokesperson, slammed Kaseke’s comments. “How can he describe the diaspora as ambassadors of the country when they fled the economic crisis engineered by the likes of Kaseke, who belong in prison?

“Zimbabweans, wherever they are, are known as hardworking, honest and loyal. They are not in the Diaspora out of choice, but because their livelihood and safety were compromised by Zanu (PF) through people like Kaseke.”

He said the Mugabe government had stolen people’s pensions, bank savings and human rights, and expecting the victims to be ambassadors of the very government that caused their suffering would be an insult to their intelligence.

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