Transform Zimbabwe candidate for Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe by-election threatened

Suspected Central Intelligence Organisation Operatives yesterday allegedly threatened Abigail Rumbidzai Musambasi, the Transform Zimbabwe candidate for Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe constituency with unspecified action, if she dares contest against Auxilia Mnangagwa in the coming by-election set for March 27, 2015.

Abigail Rumbidzai Musambasi
Abigail Rumbidzai Musambasi

The parliamentary seat fell vacant following the elevation of Emmerson Mnangagwa to the Vice Presidency.

According to a statement released by TZ today, three man in dark glasses visited Musambasi’s parents at their homestead at Wadzanai Farm, Ward 22, Lalapanzi and gave what they termed ‘the last and final warning’ for their daughter not to contest in the by-election.

The trio left in an unmarked white truck after threatening to deal with the whole Musambasi family if the call was not heeded.

Sungai Mazando, communications secretary TZ, in the statement said: “TZ is concerned that each time Zimbabwe comes to important political events, violence and intimidation would surface.

“The ruling party, desperate because of waning grassroots support in the area, seems to be keen on rekindling the fear factor, which has helped it claim the majority vote in previous polls.

“Ironically, TZ which promises a new culture of tolerant politics has met intolerance, even after the Zanu (PF) candidate for Chirumhanzu-Zibagwe, Auxilia Mnangagwa, promised to campaign peacefully at a recent ZEC organised meeting for candidates in Gweru.”

Mazando noted that Zimbabwe’s constitution provides for the right of every citizen to form, join and participate in the activities of a political party or organisation of their choice.

“The State must take all appropriate measures to ensure free, fair and peaceful elections.

“Our participation in the by-elections should not be misconstrued as ignorance or naivety to the reality that the environment for the holding of democratic elections in Zimbabwe is not conducive.

“We note with deep concern the subtle and deliberate delays in the realignment of the Electoral Act with the new constitution, to ensure that ZEC is fully capacitated to carry out its mandate.

Transform Zimbabwe, therefore, joins with all progressive forces that are fighting for democracy in calling for the government to address the many gaps that still exist in the electoral framework,” reads part of the statement.

TZ said it will also participate in the Mt Darwin West and Chipinge Rural District Council elections.

The resolution was made at a recent ad hoc Executive meeting held at the party headquarters in Harare.

“We have the right candidates and ability to successfully contest these elections.

“This will give us a good opportunity to show our colours, prove our mettle, and learn the ropes of contesting in an uneven electoral playing field and familiarise us with any ZEC misgivings for the future.”

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