CIO watches Khaya Moyo

Former Zanu (PF) national chairperson, Simon Khaya Moyo, has been sucked into a political storm following personal messages he reportedly received from Joice Mujuru recently.

Simon Khaya Moyo
Simon Khaya Moyo

Mugabe’s former deputy allegedly sent Moyo a message asking if he had any plans to meet her.

Mai Mujuru said she was lonely and needed advice and company. The message implied that the two used to meet often,” said a middle-ranking officer in the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO).

Mujuru is said to have asked him how his wife was and if there were any chances of them meeting in the future. The sources would not say how the message was leaked, but hinted that Moyo’s phone was being monitored. “There is a lot of interest in the Gamatox guys and what they are planning to do next,” said another contact.

Moyo was linked to the Mujuru faction but Mugabe spared him the chop at congress. As reported in this newspaper recently, Moyo is said to have been saved by Mugabe’s wife Grace from being ejected alongside Mujuru and her top allies Rugare Gumbo, Didymus Mutasa and Ray Kaukonde.

Grace is said to be friends with Moyo’s wife and she reportedly influenced Mugabe to accept the former chair’s apology for belonging to the Mujuru camp. He was demoted from his position and given a junior ministerial post.

“It seems there is a lot of interest in Moyo’s moves. A report has already been made to Zanu (PF) presidium about the communication from Mujuru. The matter is likely to be brought up at politburo meeting when it will also be decided on SK’s (Moyo’s) fate. The hard core Mnangagwa faction does not like him and feels the president should not have spared him as he cannot be trusted,” said the first source.

Moyo did not respond to calls as promised by his secretary who identified herself as Kaenda, while Mujuru was off line.

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