Scores walk out on Munangagwa

Scores of Zanu PF supporters walked out of Mucheke stadium while acting president Emmerson Mnangagwa was delivering his speech to thousands of people at Mucheke stadium yesterday in protest after they were forced to attend the gathering.

Emmerson Mnangagwa
Emmerson Mnangagwa

Vendors from Chitima market and other vending areas in Masvingo city were force marched to the venue of the hastily-arranged rally by the Zanu PF Masvingo party leadership.

Some of those did not hide their anger, and started streaming out of the stadium before the acting president was through with his speech. Surprisingly this time no one was blocking them from leaving the stadium as has been the norm at most Zanu PF rallies

Mnangagwa, who had come to Masvingo to officially declare as a monument an area where he allegedly bombed a train during the liberation struggle, took almost two hours chronicling his role during the liberation struggle.

He narrated how he conducted sabotage activities together with other fighters. But his speech was void of any clue as to how the government will tackle the deteriorating economy. Party supporters mostly from Masvingo urban walked out of the meeting while the acting president was in the midst of his speech. Only those who had been bussed from different parts of the province remained in attendance .

"Firstly we were forced to go to that rally and while in the stadium we listened for some time hoping that the acting president will speak about bread and butter issues and to our surprise there was nothing,"said Jainos Mikova, a known Zanu PF supporter in Masvingo. "In fact we lost business and in addition we got nothing of any benefit from the acting president's speech,"he added.

"Does bombing a train put food on our tables?" asked Mikova.

Another Zanu PF supporter residing in Mucheke, who refused to be named for fear of victimisation, said he left Mucheke stadium before the end of the proceedings, arguing that he was tired of the party 's factional fights.

"I am tired of factions in Zanu PF and therefore i could not stomach the pain of listening to his speech because it was full of hatred," he claimed.

Throughout the proceedings speaker after speaker castigated former vice president Joyce Mujuru and former party secretary for administration Dydmus Mutasa. "Down with Mujuru ,down with Mutasa,"was the slogan of the day.

In his speech Mnangagwa chronicled how they engaged in series of activities to sabotage against the Rhodesian economy.

"We arranged groups in the 1960s to conduct a series of sabotage in the country and I bombed a train here in Fort Victoria,"said Mnangagwa. He also took time to justify his ascendency to the post of vice president, arguing that all was done above board.

"We are a party with a constitution and have principles to be followed ."said Mnangagwa. "Mutasa and Mujuru were fired from the party and all proper procedures were followed when they were booted out," he said.

"If you want to remain in Zanu PF be principled and always follow your leaders,"he added.

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