Chinamasa: Minister of poverty

When Patrick Chinamasa was appointed to head the ministry of finance, he must have felt like a man who been handed a fully loaded pistol in a game of Russian roulette.


In a dysfunctional state, where money is forever short, Chinamasa has the unenviable role of bankrolling the penniless government.

Of the revenue collected by the exchequer, over 80% falls into the bottomless pit that is civil servants wages, leaving all government departments growling over the scraps.

According to Robert Mugabe and his talkative missus, former Vice President Joice Mujuru had designs on the top job. Mugabe was rescued from a takeover by the warvets. They have saved his bacon on numerous occasions. It is they who have always intimidated rural voters ahead of elections.

In exchange for the rescue job, Mugabe created a brand new ministry, just for the former freedom fighters. He installed veteran of the 1970s bush war, Chris Mutsvangwa, as minister. The president even promised to increase the monthly allowances payable to the war vets. But promises do not amount to food. And when the predators feed, they all want the choicest portions.

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